Are You a Shoe Romantic?

Shoe Romantic by Brave Strides

I am a shoe romantic.  I think about shoes more than the average person, after all, they have become a big part of my day to day life. While I have referred to myself as a ‘shoe addict’ I have recently decided I would more accurately be described as a ‘shoe romantic’.

So while I am considering what type of shoe should join my ‘family’ next and spending a great deal of my disposable income on shoe related items I have less of a compulsion and more of an innocent love affair.

I have less of a compulsion and more of an innocent love affair

A pretty pair of shoes makes me smile. Can it get any simpler? While they might not always be the most comfortable of footwear I am often willing to sacrifice comfort (a little) for the fun, or glamour, or impact of an amazing pair of shoes.

I may be the only one but I like to look at my shoe collection and remember the events and places I wore each one and imagine the best outfits to accompany them. The latest addition to my fun lovin’ wardrobe was all about the romance.

I discovered hand painted shoes too late to be able to have my own personalised beauties for my wedding day but I was not going to let that stop me. So last month, for my husband’s and my 6th anniversary I hand painted myself a custom pair of romantic ‘bridal’ shoes.

I hand painted myself a custom pair romantic of ‘bridal’ shoes

Anniversary Shoes by Brave Strides

Shoe detail collage of the hand painted anniversary shoes by Brave Strides.

A pair of vintage styled leather heels in tan and cream were perfect for the job and they were already sitting in my wardrobe!

After adding a border I started to fill in the shoes with various components relating to me and my family. I included my wedding vows, our names, special dates and some beautiful roses. One of the last components was the lace added to both shoes. This was to represent the lace from my wedding dress.

Here’s a photo from my wedding and a pic of my wedding shoes which got the job after being purple, already in my wardrobe, and tall enough for my dress length.

To have a look at some more of my hand painted shoes check out the gallery or shop.

Brave Strides Bride

Anna The Brave on her Wedding Day many moons ago.

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