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The shoe painter

Welcome to my world of endless possibilities of SHOES.  My business has grown out of mostly stubbornness at refusing to accept the ‘off the rack’ options when I was after something a bit (or a lot) different.  I am fond of normal shoes too.  I have filled my wardrobe over the years with lovely ‘Average Jane’ priced shoes because I simply loooove pretty shoes.  The other thing I love is imagining the perfect pair of shoes and making that visualisation a reality.  As a painter I can make that happen.  Once I decided to start painting my shoes I was hooked and as long as I have more ideas than shoes I will keep going.

I love monochrome and straight lines, pretty patterns and a heavy preference for purple and blue.  I enjoy creating pairs of shoes that are not symmetrical simply because it is atypical and I think it is fun 🙂

So I spend my days hunting down pre-loved shoes and making them fabulous.  If you have an idea for a great pair of shoes you can contact me to arrange a custom order.


Brave Strides Shoes

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