Makeover My Wardrobe – Shoe Painting Challenge

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A close friend of mine has been a great support for me in my business and she was happy to be a guinea pig for this challenge.  She handed over a bag of shoes from her wardrobe which she had classified as ‘not worth wearing’.  Either they were too worn, tired looking, the wrong colour, or just boring!

Here are the before shots…


These low off-white wedges were more ‘off’ than ‘white’ after a lot of everyday wear.  They are the kind of shoes you put on everyday because they go with a lot of outfits and they are comfortable.  20150326_193132These old favourites had reached wardrobe crisis point.  Even though they still had wear left and were still comfortable they just looked too scruffy to wear any more.  Since the leather was getting old and worn I decided the way to go was to paint them black to disguise the wear and get a bit more life out of them.  I also suggested a glitter coat for the wedges to add a bit of colour and chose a deep red to suit the new glossy black of the shoe.20150405_171411

My friend picked up these satin covered peep-toe pumps for a bargain $10.  While she couldn’t really imagine how she would wear them she just couldn’t resist the great price!  20150309_192724The problem was that the white heels were just not her style… they needed some colour to more suit her wardrobe.  The sections on the shoe made them a great choice for colour-blocking and we chose gold, purple and black.  20150504_130143Colour-blocking is a simple makeover you can try yourself and it’s a lot of fun… have a look at this video as the first coat of black goes on…

Another easy makeover is to change the whole colour of a pair of shoes.  A common problem I have with regular shoes is the lack of colour.  These shoes were showing wear so giving them a coat of paint makes them look new again and adds colour to a wardrobe.  20150309_191019Knowing my friend likes purple I suggested a royal purple as the new colour and here is how they turned out.  We are still debating the need for further embellishment but for now the made over pair are getting ‘roadtested’.P1000141

There was a very nice pair of red flats in the bag of shoes which were just not the right fit.  I decided to embellish them rather then paint them and hand sewed three small butterfly embellishments on each shoe.  20150504_131138Butterflies are the perfect way to make some cute flats even cuter!20150504_131036

Finally was a special pair of shoes that had only been worn once.  It seems a shame to only wear a pair of expensive leather shoes once but what can be done?  The shoes were unmistakably bridal so short of a second wedding to give them another wear they needed a makeover.  bridal beforeLeave the bling and change the colour to make a much more wearable evening shoe.  Here is the result after a few coats of black paint over the satin covered kitten heels.bridal after

All of these are simple examples of how you can makeover a pair of shoes.  If you would like to learn the basics of shoe painting why not come along to my next workshop.

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