Make a Splash – 100 Pairs in 2015 – Part 3

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Make a Splash

Sometimes it is fun just to splash around some paint.  Whipping something up quickly or painting something cute for a gift is great fun.  So for this blog I have put aside the fancy high heels and have embraced the casual and relaxed.


Easter shoes

I hand painted three pairs of Easter shoes for a Kindy raffle as a donation to their fundraiser.  With cute little bunnies on the front and patterned Easter eggs around the outside and each pair with a different coloured background these are super fun.

Easter Bunny Shoes by Brave Strides

Splattered Suede

Splattered Suede by Brave Strides

If you ever get the urge to splash some paint around then why not grab a pair of oldies and give them some colour.

Metallic paints are great on suede so the copper and silver splatters are the highlight but I also added blue, white and purple.

If you’re planning on giving this a go make sure you use a drop sheet and wear old clothes because you WILL make a mess!




Brave Stamped Shoes

Stamping paint onto a shoe will not give you a nice neat look but if you are going for a more grungy relaxed look then it is a perfect (and quick) makeover technique.

These purple suede shoes were stamped with my Brave Strides logo stamp using lilac and white.  I also painted the stitching in fluorescent purple and painted the laces with fluorescent green.

The result is fun and casual.


Glitter Your Slippers

After painting all my other shoes I couldn’t resist tackling my slippers too.  They were faux black suede and they needed a makeover.  Painted purple and then a couple of coats of glitter and my feet are warm and sparkly!

Glitter Slippers by Brave Strides

Personalised For Patrick

Robot Shoes by Brave StridesI whipped these shoes up as a gift for a little boy’s third birthday.  He loves robots so why not paint him his own pair of robot shoes.

Most of the time text is painted on shoes to be appreciated from the point of view of an observer but these are painted for the point of view of the wearer.

This way when Patrick is wearing his shoes he can see his name how it is written and having half of the name on each shoe will help him remember which shoe goes on which foot.



When you can paint shoes yourself you can not only personalise your own shoes but also gifts for others.  If you would like to have a go at painting something like this yourself check out my events page for upcoming workshops.

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