Love to Sparkle

Glitter by Brave Strides
Dorothy Wedges by Brave Strides

Any shoes can become ruby slippers with a Brave Strides makeover.

Glitter Fairy Shoes by Brave Strides

Purple slides with some silver sparkle on the heel and attached butterfly. By Brave Strides.


Yes I am fond of a touch of sparkle and when it comes to shoes sometimes I like a LOT of sparkle.

You can go all over all out sparkle like a pair of Dorothy ruby slippers or just add a touch like these Fairy slides with glitter butterfly.

Glamour Boot by Brave Strides

Bone coloured leather boot hand painted with a silver glitter finish and black straps. By Brave Strides.

Copper Splash by Brave Strides

Copper Splash by Brave Strides. Peeptoe platform ankle boots hand painted in a copper and black splash pattern with gold glitter heels.




Ramp up the glam by adding glitter to a section like these boots or on the heels of this funky style.





Glittered Ombre Leather Pumps by Brave Strides.

Glittered Ombre Leather Pumps by Brave Strides.

Go dual colour glitter like on these pink and white ombre glitter heels.  With a custom order you can choose your own shoes and your favourite colour combinations.


Iridescent Heart by Brave Strides

Teal and lilac colour blocked leather heels with attached metal heart motifs. By Brave Strides.

Colour Tower by Brave Strides

Platform peeptoe heels with zipper detail. Colour blocked by Brave Strides.



Some subtle sparkle can be added with a touch of iridescent powder like these complementary heels or just by using a metallic paint.



With so many colours and ways to add sparkle to footwear you can go for any style from elegant to fun to funky and stand out with every step.


If you have a pair of shoes sitting in your wardrobe that could use a sparkle makeover contact me for a custom order.

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