Go 3D with Butterfly Shoes

Butterfly makeover by Brave Strides

I love butterflies! So darn it I had to have some butterfly shoes!!


There are some lovely butterfly shoes around including several by Sophia Webster who I admire greatly.Close up Butterfly Shoes by Brave Strides I wanted to make my own version that was like living in an enchanted meadow where magically beautiful butterflies would flock to you and rest on your sparkly shoes.


It was also the a great opportunity to recycle a pair of much loved shoes into something wearable again.

The sad looking leather shoes were a perfect choice for this prototype makeover. Firstly they were old favourites which I has stopped wearing because the leather on the heels was all scraped up and ugly. They were also light colour which meant they would take a pink colour change well.


I will say here that I think it is important to not give up on your shoes too soon if they fit you well. Finding shoes that fit you nicely is really hard to do and you would be surprised what a little TLC will do to revive them.

Don’t give up on your shoes too soon if they fit you well.

After a clean the heels already looked much better. A bit of glue on the heels to reattach the leather that had peeled away then prep them for painting. Most of the time I use a paintbrush when changing the colour of shoes but this time I opted for a spray paint.


Butterflies and Polkadots by Brave Strides


A new colour on these shoes is like a new haircut. They look so new and fresh. The damaged heels were covered in loooots of wonderful glitter.


The insoles of this particular brand of shoes are annoyingly delicate and they disintegrated in the makeover process. All the better to improved them I covered the insoles in a pretty piece of recycled fabric in pink with white polkadots.


Now time to make those babies fly! Painstakingly sewing each butterfly to the shoe was worth the stunning result. They sparkle and they make me smile. I feel brave and special to wear them.

Wearing Butterflies

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