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Here is a pair of canvas shoes I painted for a small business in Adelaide, Abundance and Yoga Studio.

The owner chose the style of shoes that suited her and we worked from there.

I know from experience that business owners can live and breathe their business daily and, quite rightly, take a lot of pride in what they have created.

While branded polo tops or stitched logos may not be your thing I can custom design a pair of shoes that suit both your personality and your business.

Perhaps you are after a particular colour or colours. This can be particularly difficult to find on shoes especially if you are after a particular style. If you start with a light coloured shoe you have so many colour choices with painted shoes.

Yoga Kicks by Brave Strides

This Yoga and Dance Studio has a great logo with colours that were perfectly suited for the pink background. Working for a more ‘real’ image like this rather than a flat logo means that the image is painted in layers.


You can see the dancer develop as layers are added.

painted dancer 1 by brave strides

On the other shoe was the business name ‘Abundance & Yoga’ with black and white to separate the pun in the name.

Painting this type of lettering on canvas is a slow business but it is worth the investment as opposed to options like fabric markers. Fabric markers come in a limited range of colours while the fabric paints can be mixed to get the best colour. A tiny brush, patience, and a steady hand are the only other requirements.

Painted Dancer Stage 2

The finished product

Painted Dancer Closeup


“The lovely Anna from Brave Strides custom made these babies for me. Her talent is amazing!! …

I shall wear them with extreme pride”

Dani ~ Abundance and Yoga Studio.


If you are interested in a pair of custom hand painted shoes you can arrange a custom order via my Etsy store.

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