All The Pretty Details – 100 Pairs in 2015 – Part 4

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All The Pretty Details…

All the fun is in the details.  Those parts of a painted shoe that make it unique and special.  Here is part 4 of my series ‘100 Pairs in 2015’  where I am documenting some of my shoe painting projects as I aim to paint 100 pairs of shoes this year.  Here is part 1, part 2, and part 3.

Butterfly Converse

Butterfly Kicks by Brave StridesThese pretty Converse All-Stars were needing some contrast.  They were a little too pink.  An all over coat of a pale green set off the candy pink.

The butterfly silhouette designs were meticulously hand painted in black.  Now these kicks are pretty and unique.


Be Loved Flats

Be Loved Flats by Brave StridesSuede flats in cobalt blue are already striking but now they are also sweet with a hand painted design of white hearts.

Be wary if you are attempting to paint on suede that it is a slooow process.  This relatively simple design is the result of more than fifteen hours of painting.


Knee High Paisley Boots

I found these boots in quite good condition except the straps were disintegrating making the whole boot look old.  I painted a paisley design in lilac and cut off the old straps.  I recycled an old necklace into a chain embellishment by looping it through the existing buckle and sewing in place.

Paisley Boots by Brave Strides

Math Heels

Math Heels 2 by Brave Strides

Perfect for a math teacher with a sense of humour and a sense of style.

I hand painted these black leather pumps with mathematical symbols and equations in green and orange.

With customised shoes you can have your own one-of-a-kind work shoes.




Dorothy Slingbacks

Sometimes what you need is something bright and sparkly.  These gold leather Sportsgirl slingback heels were a perfect shoe to become ruby red and sparkling bright.

Dorothy Slingbacks by Brave Strides

Textured Booties

Textured booties by Brave Strides


Even relatively new shoes can end up looking tired when the surface becomes wrinkled.

Hand painting these in a textural design disguises the surface imperfections and make them fun and wearable again.

I also added a silver glitter heel for some sparkle.

With only three months left in the year soon it will be time to tally up my progress.


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