100 pairs in 2015 – part 2

100 Pairs Part 2 by Brave Strides

Yes… it is May!  Part 2 is way overdue… but I have been painting away and just need to catch up on my blogging.  Have been spending a lot of time doing basic makeovers in preparation for my first shoe painting workshops coming up mid-year.   Be sure to sign up to my newsletter so you don’t miss out on the details… you may even win a free spot in the class!

Go Green

Green Stripes and Spots by Brave Strides

Black leather flats painted in dark green and light green by Brave Strides.

These (almost) flats are a variation on my black and white stripes and polkadot heels.

The black leather shoes are painted in a swathe of dark green and mint on the right shoe and polkadots on the left shoe.

You don’t need to wear heels to have some fun with your shoes nor do you need to resign yourself to boring everyday shoes because you don’t want to be in pain from your shoes all day.

Triple Splash Flats

Triple Splash Flats by Brave Strides

Silver flats with three times more fun. By Brave Strides.

These Zu brand metallic flats deserved a good splash of metallic fun.

The silver flats are hand painted with metallic copper, metallic green and metallic purple and are the perfect way to liven up a black suit.

Order your own single, double or triple splash painted makeover from my Etsy store.


Go Dark Wedges

Apple Green Wedges by Brave Strides

Leather wedges painted a delicious chocolate brown with apple green glitter wedge. By Brave Strides.


If you are after something a bit less noticeable then painting shoes are darker colour might be the way to go.

These white wedges are toned down with chocolate brown and then spruced up with an apple green glitter coat on the wedge.

*Warning* If you are doing your own makeover remember that buckles like these are a pain to paint around – it will take a LOT longer than you thought.  Or maybe I’m too picky!


Too Orange Flats

Autumn Flats by Brave Strides

A simple and fun makeover in Autumn colours. By Brave Strides.

These orange flats… while they look comfortable also look a bit to ‘safety orange’ for me.  I had some nice autumn colours left over from my Autumn wedges so set about toning down the orange on these.

The base and underneath of the straps got a base of russet red with a sponged layer of brown on top for texture.

The top of the straps got layers of colour sponged in white, black and yellow.

If you are wanting to attempt a shoe makeover this is a great one to start with.  If you attend my shoe painting workshop I will show you how and you will get the materials you need to do this makeover and lots more.


Not so Boring Slippers

Metallic Slippers 2 by Brave Strides

Slippers hand painted in glorious metallics. By Brave Strides.


When my little one grew out of these synthetic slippers it gave me a great opportunity to test out a new technique.

The fabric outer picked up the metallics beautifully giving a much stronger finish than they achieve on leather or vinyl.  On these I used shades of gold, bronze and copper.

I will be developing the technique further but am happy with the results of this test.



So there you have five more shoe makeovers for 2015.  I have more that have been painted and waiting for the next blog.  I have also been developing a technique to makeover the soles of your shoes which is great fun.

If you have been inspired to get a pair of your shoes remade with some hand painted magic then contact me for a custom order.

Join me next time and see what I achieved when took on the challenge of rescuing a friends shoes.


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