100 pairs in 2015 – part 1

100 Pairs in 2015 part 1 by Brave Strides

My goal this year is to paint 100 pairs of shoes.  January is running out and I have lots of shoes in various states of completion but here are five pairs that are done and dusted!

Ruby Dream

Ruby Dream 2 by Brave Strides

Leather peep toe stiletto heels with a ruby glitter finish.

I found these heels in pretty good condition.  A few marks and scuffs but nothing serious.  They came up a lot better after a good clean but they were still very beige and a little boring for those silver stiletto heels!

Several coats of ruby red paint certainly changed that.  The red looks fabulous against the silver trim and buckles but why stop there?

A few coats of red glitter made these sexy peep toe pumps really stand out.  They are made for a show stopping evening as they truly sparkle under lights.

Autumn Strappy Wedges

Autumn Wedges by Brave Strides

Sexy synthetic wedges painted in rich autumn colours. By Brave Strides.


I picked these black synthetic wedges up with very little wear but they were looking rather dark and drab.

For this makeover I mixed up some warmth with three autumn colours and got colour blocking.

When your favourite shoes start looking a bit tired they don’t have to be re-tired from your wardrobe.

If you have fallen out of love with the colour of a pair of shoes they can be given new life with a hand painted makeover.


Mini Gold Pumps

Vamped Up Pumps by Brave Strides

Glittering gold heels painted in a glossy black splash pattern. By Brave Strides


I call these pumps ‘mini’ because they are a cute size 5.  These shoes were found in almost new condition and looking great but I still wanted to change things up.

The metallic gold fabric can be painted and for these I chose black to contrast with the gold.

I painted the pumps with a random splash pattern which is a favourite of mine.  It’s so much fun!  Two coats of a glossy finish gave the perfect result.

This makeover turned a standard pair of metallic pumps into a one of a kind pair of interesting heels that will definitely get noticed!


Twinkle Wedges

Twinkle Wedges by Brave Strides

Pink faux suede wedges painted with tiny twinkling polkadots and hearts. By Brave Strides

These faux suede wedges are a pretty pink and were given to me in lovely condition.  Painting large areas of this fabric is not a good idea as it ruins the lovely soft feel.  So I chose to hand paint a scattering of polkadots and hearts on each wedge.

To make it more fun I changed up the colours swapping between purple and teal on each shoe to make a complementary pair.

Finished with matching glitter these are fun to wear and fun to look at and I am the lucky person who gets to wear these pretty pink puppies any time I like.


Rosebud Flats

Rosebud Flats by Brave Strides

Chocolate brown faux suede flats painted with cute tiny roses. By Brave Strides

I picked these faux suede flats up in nearly new condition and just love the rich chocolatey colour and the super soft feel.  These are comfort footwear in more ways than one.  Comfortable to wear, to look at, and to touch.

Again I was looking for a design that would not ruin the plush feel of the fabric so I chose tiny roses scattered on the outer sides of each shoe.

The roses are painted in white, pink and purple to add depth with stems and leaves in green and white.


So there you have the first five shoe makeovers for 2015.  I have lots more in store and many more ideas to try so I am looking forward to the rest of the year.

If you have been inspired to get a pair of your shoes remade with some hand painted magic then contact me for a custom order.


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One thought on “100 pairs in 2015 – part 1

  1. Julie Smith says:

    Love your new creations so far – it could just be that I’m partial to glitter but my favorite pair are the Ruby Dream! Good luck in reaching your goal for 2015!
    Best wishes,

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